App Version 1

1. Getting Started

1.0 Introduction

Lincoln Bus is an independent information website for helping passengers in Lincoln catch the bus. This App is an extension of the website allowing users to have some of the best features of the website on their smartphone. The app gets updated from time to time and major releases will have their own documentation. There will be an archive of documentation for previous releases.

1.1 System Requirements

To install and run this app you need a device (smartphone or tablet) with at least Android KitKat (4.4). The app requires an internet connection.

1.2 Installation

The app can be downloaded from Google Play store for free for Android users. Currently this app is only available to Android devices. Press the Google Play button below to be taken to the Google Play store. Please follow the instructions from Google and prompts from your device. Once installed you are ready to use the app. In this version of the app, there is no need to sign-in to access Lincoln Bus. This may be different in later releases.